Jinja is the oldest industrial city of Uganda, but now known as the adventure city of the pearl of Africa.
Located on the shores of lake victoria and the Source of River Nile the longest river in the world. Its water flows for 90 days from Jinja to port Elizabeth in Egypt.

Location Proximity and access:

– Jinja is approx. 2-3 hours from Kampala/Entebbe.
– Served by Jinja Airstrip, charter flights are possible.
– Jinja is only, 200 km, 3 hours 30 minutes drive to Sipi Falls.
– Approx. 350 km, 5 hours 30 minutes drive to Murchison Falls National Park.

Activities and Experiences in Jinja:

– White Water Rafting, the jinja section of River Nile is the upper course and is characterized by Rapids and falls. This has bathed to many water adventure experiences including white water rafting. Both grade 3 and grade 5 rafting experiences are available.
– ATV Safari (quad biking experiences), ride on a motorbike with 4 wheels, and explore the villages and communities in Jinja who live along the course of the river Nile.
– Kayaking, is another exciting adventure on the rapids of the river Nile. Get in a kayak of course with a guide and rescue team, ready to enjoy the Nile.
– Tubing Experiences, need just relaxation on the waters, sit on the inflated tubes and relax on the white waters as you consume a drink.
– Boat Experiences on the Nile and Lake Victoria, we have boat experiences of different kinds, a ride to the source of the Nile, sunrise, and sunset boat cruise experiences.
– The module boat excursion for the whole day as well as fishing trips.
– Horse Riding Experiences, Jinja is one of a few places in Uganda that offer horseback riding experiences, there are rides for both experienced and non-experienced riders.

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