Bar Mitzvah Safari

An exciting bar/bat mitzvah Trip – an unforgettable African experience!
Routes for a bar/bat mitzvah trip in the wild safari, attractions and lots of adrenaline.

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The age of bar/bat mitzvah is a milestone and a new and significant beginning in the life of every boy and girl. It should be celebrated in a way that will be forever remembered, with added value for the entire family.
A bar/bat mitzvah African trip is indeed a great way to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah in a luxurious and original way. A bar mitzvah safari in Africa is an exciting experience and a special opportunity to enhance the traveling experience by spending time with the family and children in a way you would not be able to do on any other trip. In the long hours, you will spend in the vast expanses of the savannas, among the acacia trees and the many forms of wildlife on the reserve, you will truly understand what “quality time with the family” means.
In our routes for bar/bat mitzvah outings in Africa, there are fascinating venues where you will connect with each other, while spending an entire week in the wilds of Kenya: breathtaking views, lakes, and safari reserves and some of the most beautiful parks in the world. Add to that fascinating tribes, local markets and, of course, being among thousands of wild animals and the five “big ones” of Africa: the lion, the elephant, the leopard, the African buffalo and the rhinoceros.
The amazing game reserves, parks and lakes in Kenya will instill in you a longing for the land and unforgettable memories, together with great love for nature, wildlife and the safari.
During the trip you will visit a village of the Masai tribe. You might be surprised to know this, but the Masai tribe also has rites of passage that note the transition from child to adult. The ceremony is called “induction”. The ceremonies are very different, of course, but it is a fascinating and ancient tradition and is considered very important.
We will visit the local school in a slums section, enter the classrooms and the young people will have the special and empowering opportunity to meet locals their age, converse with the other and participate in joint activities.
During a bar/bat mitzvah trip you will be experiencing many special and enjoyable days, chock-full of encounters that will leave a deep impression on children and adults alike. The family safari bar mitzvah in Africa is a great way to give your children a gift and a great and special experience – but also to teach them the values of giving, preserving nature and wildlife, and the understanding that one must thank Hashem for every moment of life and for the unbelievable world we live in!

Why choose Africa Kosher Travel?

• Our expertise and our extensive experience are what make our trips so successful, in all their details.
• Special and creative routes for bar/bat mitzvah trips with unique experiences for that age group.
• Personal tailoring of the trip according to budget, ages, needs and… dreams!
• Professional and experienced guides, graduates of the Tourism College.
• 4 X 4 roomy and well-maintained safari jeep convertibles.
• We are the only ones who supply kosher lemehadrin meals and catering services in East Africa.
• A special bar/bat mitzvah event during the trip, if wanted (barbecue meal, a memento, laying tefillin in a hot-air balloon and many other options).
• Amazing lodges and hotels in the heart of the game reserves, suitable for families with children.
• You are never alone – you will be accompanied all the time, and enjoy professional service from the planning of the trip to its conclusion.
Whether you wish to have an event or plan to invest only in the trip itself, you will receive the best offer from us and perfect, detailed planning, so all you have to do is to enjoy the family experience and a once-in-a-lifetime bar mitzvah safari!

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