Africa Kosher Travel specializes in organizing custom-tailored tours for traditional and religious Jews in Kenya’s and Uganda’s spectacular nature reserves.

The company’s clients enjoy a trip ‘tailored’ to their needs and their family’s character.

The company was founded by Levi Notik, married to Mushki, who lives in Kfar Chabad, Israel. Levi is an adventurer who loves hiking in the open nature, and has traveled to a variety of destinations across the world and accumulated lots of experience and knowledge.

It all began when Levi lived in Kenya and among his occupations he organized trips for acquaintances and friends to a variety of challenging destinations. 

Levi and his hikers packed cans of food for the trips and discovered many difficulties along the way, like finding kosher food, observing Shabbat, and everything else that’s important to religious Jews. Levi decided to take the challenge a step forward and studied East Africa thoroughly. He decided to open an official company that would enable travelers to realize the dream in a way suitable for them.

The Africa Kosher Travel team is composed of creative professionals, including Israelis and locals, who accompany the client from his first contact to the company, through the planning of the trip and up to the exciting return home. 

They all work in perfect synchronization with each other, in order to provide each and every client with a magical trip experience personally tailored for him. 

The company’s staff is skilled in planning family trips, group trips, Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips and unique trips personally customized.

East Africa is considered a curious and fascinating destination. You will find there colorful markets, waterfalls, landscapes, blue lakes, snowy mountains, and the world’s largest nature reserves.

The magical combination of Western culture and authentic tribes attracts each year thousands of tourists from all over the world, coming in droves to enjoy the wonders of nature and the countless nomadic animals in the popular  Safaris.

Masai Mara has won for the sixth consecutive time the title of ‘The Best Safari in  Africa’. (DAILY NATION)

Africa Kosher Travel invites you to enjoy an organized program that includes an experienced and personal guide, travel in a new and well-equipped jeep, luxury hotels pre-checked by our team, kosher food, and devoted staff that will take care of the smallest details and varied treats – so you can enjoy your trip and relax.

Chabad House of Kenya

Chabad House in Kenya was established to support Jewish life in Kenya and serve as a beacon of light, providing physical and spiritual assistance to both Jews and non-Jews alike.

The goal of Chabad Kenya is to “prepare the world for the arrival of Moshiach, as instructed by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.”

In the heart of Nairobi, you will experience warm and illuminated moments at Chabad House. Enjoy Shabbat and Chag meals, Torah classes, social activities, a Shul, festive celebrations throughout the year, and a welcoming and loving corner in your home in Africa!

Chabad House – Rabbi Levi Notik and his wife Chaya Mushka.

Local Phone: +254-799770770 (Whatsapp)
Email: info@chabad.co.ke

Chabad House of Uganda

“Chabad House Uganda is a warm, welcoming home, a tower of light and heartfelt warmth, which spreads the light of Torah and Judaism pleasantly for Jews and non-Jews alike. In the heart of African Kampala, Rabbi Moshe Raskin and his wife Yocheved have established a warm and loving haven, which provides its services 24/7, Shabboses, Tefillin, Torah classes, and mainly a hug and a heimishe atmosphere.”

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Dear Levi, We wanted to thank you for your amazing organization of the trip. Everything was organized and ticked like a clock. We didn’t have to deal with anything apart from devoting ourselves to fully enjoying the trip. Your attention to details contributed greatly to our peace of mind. From the beginning of the planning and during the entire trip we knew that there was someone to talk to and someone who is always available for every request and is taking care of us. From the outset, we felt that we were in good hands. Thank you,
The Friedman family

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