Family Tours

Looking to arrange a family trip, a surprise for your parents, or a honeymoon?
A personally tailored Safari trip is the perfect choice for the occasion!
Yes, we’re talking about a kosher safari trip to Africa.
This is going to be your dream vacation!

Africa Kosher Safaris once in a lifetime experience with the family

An unforgettable family excursion!

Do you dream of a private safari in the savannas of Kenya? Of meeting gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda? Of visiting a genuine Massai village? And how about a challenging rafting experience in the Nile River? Or spending a Shabbos on a game reserve complete with the local wildlife, or on Mombasa’s amazing beaches?
We are here to make these dreams come true!

Come and discover the magic of the wilds of Africa: breathtaking views, nature reserves, fascinating cultures and unending stretches of savannas with millions of wild animals in their natural habitat.

A private trip to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that goes beyond anything you can; it is exciting and empowering, and, mainly, it leaves you with an everlasting love for this special continent.
An African safari, personally tailored to you: the fulfillment of your dreams…

What is a personally tailored safari in Africa?

A successful private trip is, first of all, a trip that is tailored to your needs and wishes. People differ from each other, and so do their dream trips. Some want to see as many wild animals as possible, and some prefer to go on a short safari, spending more time at other attractions and cultural venues, or to see the out-of-the-way places, away from the rest of the crowd. Whatever your preferences are, we can fulfill your personal African dream!

The trip is planned with the utmost care by a professional and experienced staff according to your preferences, desires, timetable, desired level of accommodations and expectations. Using our professional knowledge and contacts in Africa, we will organize a trip for you on the highest level, and at the most attractive prices.

 How does this work?

Planning – Our professional, experienced staff will work with you right from the start. We will tell you about the various options, hear all about your wishes, needs, expectations and limitations (if there are). And so, together, we will craft the perfect trip, down to the smallest details. We will be available to you for the entire fascinating and amazing African experience!

Being there for you – a company representative will make all the arrangements before you set out, and you will receive full instructions and guidance. The guide will be waiting for you at the airport when you land and will accompany you throughout your African safari trip. Our staff will also be available throughout the trip and will be in constant contact with you for anything you need.

Kosher lemehadrin food – only with us can you order kosher lemehadrin catering, which will be delivered to your hotel wherever you will be. Varied high-quality dinners in generous portions. Also, mouth-watering Shabbos meals that will add to your Oneg Shabbos. Challahs, a variety of salads, meat, fish and more… Tasty and aesthetically served food, prepared with much love by our skilled chefs.

Dear Africa Kosher Travel, We would like to express a huge thank you for organizing our trip to the grand Safari in Kenya. We felt that you made a great effort to coordinate the accommodation, guides, the comfortable and well-equipped jeep with a pleasant and patient driver, and the excellent and varied food. Everything was just perfect! Thank you very much and may you have great success!
מטיילים נהנים בטיול ספארי באפריקה של חברת Kenya Kosher Travel
Israel and Miriam Halperin

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