The Local Tribes of Kenya

Many travelers choose Kenya as their preferred tourist destination. The local tribes who live in their natural habitat, are part of the trip and an inseparable part of the attraction and interest. Why? Because the local tribes in Kenya run their lives as if they are in another world. Across the continent there are about three thousand tribes, each with its own culture, dress and language. It should be noted, however, that over the past century there have been far-reaching changes in the continent, and many residents moved to modern cities and have adopted a more advanced lifestyle. Yet the various tribes culture exists and each tribe embodies within it a historical story and the secrets of its heritage that are passed faithfully from one generation to another.

About the Maasai Tribe

The tribe of cattle breeders is named the Maasai tribe. The members of the tribe live peacefully in the Maasai Mara reserve and calmly accept the thousands of tourists who come to visit the area. Members of this tribe are known for their hunting talent and their ability to dance and jump high. Their attire includes a red tanga wrapped around their bodies, and plenty of necklaces and bracelets. The division of work between the members of the tribe is as follows: The women are responsible for raising the children and constructing wooden huts, while the men are responsible for the safety of the tribe’s members and for hunting.

About the Samburu Tribe

The members of the Samburu tribe are connected to the Maasai tribe. They also breed cattle but are considered semi-nomads. They also breed sheep, camels, and goats. Their language is the Samburu. In their area there are many parks.

The Mursi Tribe

The members of the Mursi tribe live in the Mago reserve. The tribe’s women wear a clay disc penetrated into a hole in their lip. This tribe lives its life in isolation and it seems that this loneliness is the reason why the tribe has managed to maintain its tradition throughout the years.

The Hadzabe and Datooga Tribe

These tribes live next to the Eyasi Lake in Northern Tanzania. They have special abilities to imitate sounds from nature and that’s how they succeed to get closer to the animals and hunt them. Their language includes sounds that are unfamiliar to other languages. They also grow cattle and manage to supply themselves with most of their needs from those cattle.

The Zulu Tribe

Members of this tribe live near the city of Durban. They wear brown leather and furs. They believe that the spirits of their forefathers accompany them and their role is to please them. When there are difficulties or trouble, it is a sign that their forefathers aren’t satisfied…

To Travel and Enjoy

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