Sipi Falls

Sipi is located in Kapchorwa on the slopes of Mount Elgon. Kapchorwa is not only home to Ugandan world Athletic champions but also a home of wonderful adventures. River ship goes round in the area and makes a system of three waterfalls called the Sipi Falls very beautiful sceneries.

Location Proximity and access:

– Sipi is approx. 5 hours, 30 minutes from Kampala/Entebbe.
– The nearest runway is Soroti airport, charter flights are possible. 140 km, approx. 2 hours drive to Sipi from Soroti Airport.
– Sipi is only, 200 km, 3 hours 30 minutes drive from Jinja.
– Approx. 415 km, 7 hours 30 minutes drive to Kidepo.

Activities in Sipi:

– Sipi Falls Hike/Walk, takes a full day to track and hike all the three falls in sipi, however, hiking to the main/Sipi falls alone is a three (3) hours’ adventure experience.
– Abseiling, takes place at the main Sipi falls, on roops, you will follow the waters downstream.
– Coffee experiences, from the farm, walks visiting a local farmer and cupping experiences, learn the traditional way of processing coffee and preparing a cup as you participate.
– Inbetween Mbale (Mountain Elgon) and Jinja lies Namutumba Village, a village with a large community that lives like Jews, practices customs similar to traditional customs, known as “Abayudaya ba Uganda”. A visit to this community can also be arranged en route.

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